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The MMCAP Infuse Pharmacy Program allows members access to a full line of brand and generic pharmaceuticals, including prescription and over-the-counter items.  MMCAP Infuse products are competitively bid and awards are made in a manner consistent with governmental practices. Annually, a request for proposal (RFP) is issued, seeking responses from over 200 pharmaceutical manufacturers on over 11,000 products.  MMCAP Infuse awards contracts for all sole source products that can be contracted and awards contracts for all multi-source products regardless of volume. Additionally, MMCAP Infuse has the ability to add products to contract at a member's request. Representatives from the member states assist, at the annual National Member Conference, in determining which pharmaceutical products will receive awards.

Declaration Forms

In order to receive MMCAP Infuse contract pricing several vendors require completed declaration forms to be submitted. Each form has vendor submission directions and the forms may be accessed here.

Abbott Nutrition Letter of Participation

Abbott Nutrition WIC Letter of Participation

AstraZeneca Declaration Form

Eli Lilly Declaration Form

Gerber dba Nestle Infant Nutrition Letter of Participation

GSK Declaration Form

Nestlé HealthCare Nutrition Clinical Products Letter of Participation

Sanofi Aventis Membership Application

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